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WGL-Bonus03: Shawn Chhabra- How Publishing Helps Your Business? Get-Published-Get-Noticed

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WGL-Bonus03: Shawn Chhabra- How Publishing Helps Your Business? Get-Published-Get-Noticed


How Publishing Helps Your Business

A book that is published to entertain or take an individual on a fantasy makes for a great read, but publishing a book to gain credibility in this competitive world is a necessity these days. Your published book will complement your business, and that’s an important point to focus on. You could potentially bring in huge profits, and generate leads in a really unique and successful way. If you never really knew what the next step was to grow and solidify your business, now you can see that publishing a book is all of that and so much more.

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You want everyone to see what your business is about, but more importantly you want to write on a topic that you are passionate about, and for which you have detailed knowledge about and experience with. You are intimate with these topics, you are close to them, and you live and breathe them. You know what these topics are all about in a way that few others do—and that makes for an excellent springboard to move forward with!
Think about it, it’s your business and who knows more about your business than you? You have all these thoughts bottled up inside you, so this is your outlet to let it out and share it with the world. There were lessons learned, big and small, obstacles that you overcame, a failure or two that could have wiped you out, but you kept at it. Within this knowledge is likely a story that others will be able to relate to or enjoy. Out of your life experiences others can gain something very real.
The words that you write in your book should motivate and generate a buzz. It should capture the attention of readers so they will want to read the whole thing as well as come to you to perhaps pick your brain even more. Putting your expertise in written form and having it published is significant. People will want to do business with you simply because you have written what you know in book form and got it published.
Not many people can say they have published a book, especially business owners. You have no idea how much power you have, and how others will benefit from it. You can’t possibly understand the real magnitude of all of this until you put the wheels in motion. The end result is going to be truly amazing, so go for it and see what wonderful things come out of this! Wouldn’t it be great to add author to your title?
Reinforce Your Credibility
You want your book to have a distinct advantage over all the other similar books already in the marketplace. Be creative and passionate and show all that you know. The drive, dedication and determination should come shining through. Now is the time to explain your ideas with authority. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you put it out there for the world to see. There is some truly amazing things ahead for you, so having the courage to go down this path will benefit you greatly.
You should trigger an emotion in the reader that will propel them into believing they have what it takes to succeed as well. This will strike a cord that will enhance your credibility. Just remember to always be genuine and straight forward. Write in a language that readers will understand and really grasp a hold of. Don’t dumb it down, but also don’t speak at a level that others can’t find relatable. It’s all about finding that balance that the readers will appreciate and grasp.
Be confident in your writing so you will come across as the “go to” authority and expert. Tangible evidence makes a story more believable and more convincing. You will also gain credibility from reviews. In addition, favorable and positive reviews will make you believable as a writer who knows what he is talking about. You could also be featured on different media outlets, from television interviews to radio talk shows to Youtube.
Experts are always in demand and they get the interviews because people want to hear what they have to say. Think of experts that you have seen featured in publications or media outlets—they all started from somewhere too and you can be the success story that others are talking about too!
Achieve Successful New Heights
Once your book is written and you get rave reviews or start appearing on media outlets, you could become a consultant or motivational speaker. When a potential client visits your website and sees that you have been interviewed or that there is so much positive feedback on your book, they will seek your expertise and want to do business with you. Others may simply want to pick your brain or assistance in writing a book. You could even go on to write another book or two!
This can foster some of the greatest success possible. Sure you got to where you’re at through experience and hard work, but now moving forward means that you are focused on what it takes to go one step further. Don’t let worry get in your way, just recognize how much great success can come out of this one activity to share with the world in a profound new way.
The main purpose is to communicate the results achieved were exponential toward continuous growth for you and the company. They will see that you are full of plans and perspectives. Your success will show others how you overcame obstacles and problems to become the successful person you are today. Not only will the potential client or customer see how you made it, but by telling them everything that you went through to reach the top level displays to them that you did not give up and that you are a go getter. You want them to believe, understand and benefit from your knowledge.
Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars.
- Nicholas Sparks

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