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WGL:24 Rick Sheninger With Shawn Chhabra, The key to a successful business is to build solid relationships

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Rick graduated from Penn State in 1993, and Rick have been in Sales and Marketing since the first door to door magazine sales campaign for my grade school.  Rick have held many different sales positions, both inside and outside sales, as well as retail.  Through college and self-study courses, Rick have studied marketing, cognitive psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Behavioral Psychology, which all play a role in my primary objective, which is helping others to build and develop relationships…be they personal and/or professional.

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20 years ago, Rick started a company called One To One Marketing, with a great vision but no plan. Today, I have rejuvinated that company, renewed and revised the vision for the 21st century and beyond, AND added a very solid plan...

That plan is to help entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and small businesses increase their bottom line through the development and cultivation of customer relationships. I do this with a combination of automated marketing tools, targeted Social Media Strategies, and leveraging technology in order to reach more people...

The key to a successful business, much like everyday life, is to build solid relationships. Over the years, as technology developed, many people used technology to try to replace personal relationships. This is where they fell short, because people are still people and you cannot replace real relationships with cold, automatic, impersonal communication.

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