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WGL40: Troy Devine with Shawn Sudershan Chhabra

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“Finding ‘Life’s Purpose’….Means Putting yourself in places, where’s others don’t go”

– Troy Devine –


Troy’s Mision..

To give People the tools and techniques that allow them to ‘Create and Sustain’ Personal change within their lives. To Use ‘The Power Of The Mind’ to Experience a Purposeful Life with Incredible Meaning….



Troy’s his own words…

At age 35 I began to ask Life’s ‘Golden Question’…….

“What am I here for, Whats my Purpose…”

A short time later, I found myself in a place that was unrecognisable, a place that I had never been before, and ONE that I had no idea how to escape from….

“My Life and Everything in it….Was Spinning Out Of Control”

It  was at this point in my life I faced two options, continue on a path of self destruction, or study and understand the Incredible ‘Power Within’…Luckily for me I decided to discover the one thing that eludes 99% of the population, A true understanding of ‘The Power Of The Mind’ and the unimaginable results we are all capable of…..

‘Our Limitless Potential’


Success Leaves Clues..

Throughout my entire life, I found it very interesting to study and understand others. I worked hard in connecting with people from all of the world, having the unique opportunity to interview and speak with some of the world’s most successful people.

I discovered some very interesting common trends..

Most of these people, prior to becoming successful, (Like many around the globe) were living a life far from the one they deserved. Allowing themselves to be easily influenced by factors that did not have their best interests at heart…

All too often we allow others, circumstances and our perceptions hold us back from a life we are simply entitled to.

These ‘Life Factors’ occur from a variety of things, including Your Circle of Influence, Your Beliefs Systems, Your History, Your Environment, Your Perceptions and so on.

But at the end of the day…..It all boils done to ONE THING..

YOUR THOUGHTS and BELIEFS about what you are capable of… Chose to truly harness…

‘The Power Of Your Mind’.. 


…And Live a ‘Life of Purpose’…



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